Join us in a variety of offerings that will bring excitement to any event! Expand your skills and learn your way around a drill – all our machinery is child-friendly, safe and easy to navigate. We cater to all ages, and have projects, workshops or even single classes that are inclusive of any skill level.



StuDIYo Lab offers both machine- and hand- tool experience, and all the necessary steps to grow technical culture in the UAE, building on skills taught in schools and extending them for children and adults alike to grow their dexterity, and overcome challenges that undoubtedly arise when invoking accuracy. Join us as we carve, cut, create and colour designs and make them unique!

Metal casting

Where wood can be shaped and sanded easily, metal casting tests the patience of the little artists. After designing and casting their metal design, extra effort is put into the finessing of the project – sanding and filing till edges are smooth, and the light dances on the surface!

Teaching them another element of Design & Technology, with the need to plan ahead and create designs that are able to cast properly, StuDIYo Lab’s talented teachers can guide them through to the finish line.

Acrylic molding

Once acrylic has been heated, it can be pressed into shapes, or take the form of a design.

StuDIYo Lab is offering the opportunity to design, create and execute the making of acrylic molds! Keyrings and picture frames, all of the above!

Holiday camps

With each turn of the season, break in the school term, or simply a long weekend, StuDIYo Lab has camps to keep little fingers busy!

Whilst holidays can provide a nice relaxing break, it can be the perfect time to learn a new skill – or even perfect your practice. StuDIYo Lab has an array of Resistant Material camps that can fulfil a need to be creative, and the opportunity to make friends – or come along with your own!

Such sessions will always be confirmed and in our calendar, so be on the look-out for exciting upcoming holiday camps.

Birthday parties

Does your birthday party have a theme? We do that, and everything in-between!

StuDIYo Lab’s birthday parties can be one of many activities, completed over a 2- or 3-hour session that allows enough time for festivities and finished work.

Projects are designed to be accessible to all ages, but the trickier ones will be created more for older children, simply due to the objective of wanting to have a finished project by the time the party is over!


The craft and care required in woodworking means it’s perfect for any age: there is always room for improvement! With the wide range of skills that we can build, there is an activity for all generations to nail.

We offer team-building workshops, as well as projects that you can part-take in altogether.

StuDIYo Lab

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